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We're glad you're here!!!

After much anticipation, we are excited to bring you original Pesky Vegan designs you know and love, as well as many new designs you are destined to enjoy!!  

We believe veganism is what is best for the animals, our health, and our earthly home.  By supporting our small business, you also support the animals as we give a percentage of our profits to various animal sanctuaries.  

Follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to lately and for more information on the chosen sanctuaries.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us!!

Much vegan love to you!


 meet us

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An animal lover my whole life, I became conflicted in 2011 because I realized my habits and heart were not aligned, loving animals while also eating them. 

I went vegetarian then full vegan, after delving into the egg and dairy industry practices. 


I also hold a degree in Health, and healthy eating is really important to me.  Being vegan I can feel good about my eating habits, both in my heart as well as to support my life long health.

I am very happy and proud to co-own a company where we can impact others through veganism while also supporting the animals through sanctuary giving. 

I have been vegan for over four years.  My initial goal was to be healthier as I age by eating plant based foods.  I soon made the connection with the animals I began to meet when I started volunteering at animal sanctuaries and saw them as the beautiful sentient beings they are.

I am very proud to be vegan and strive to live by example and share the vegan lifestyle with others, showing them you do not need to consume animal products to enjoy food!

Like Kelli, I too am very happy and proud to co-own a company in which we can spread our love of veganism and love for animals with products we offer.


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